About WOWCatholic.com

Wowcatholic.com is a SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM void of moral decadence, yet abreast of 21 st century innovation that connects Catholics, Priests , Religious and Parishes , promoting intra and inter parish NETWORKING . It is a one stop shop for all catholic contents, a tool to enhance evangelization and promote the Catholic Doctrine

What Problem are we solving ?

1) Our Youths and Children are getting worse everyday because of the high level of Immoral content they find on the Internet.
2) The Catholic Church Have not Yet taken advantage of Technology and Innovation as a means of Evangelization and humanitarian work.
3) The Average Catholic is unable to access a wide range of quality Catholic Contents.
4) Catholic Talents don’t see opportunities or platforms to express and promote themselves (which explains why a lot of youths are leaving the catholic church
5) Content Creators within the Catholic Church are unable to spread their content easily and reach more market outside their immediate environment or parish

What Solution are we Providing ?

1) Creating a social media Platform, Void of Immoral Content yet abreast of 21 st century innovations.
2) Creating a multi featured user friendly community of Catholics across the world, an online platform where members can showcase and promote all they do to fellow Catholics making it a one stop shop for all Catholic Content.
3) Using Technology to serve faith by offering specialized tools and contents that increases the Joy of Catholicism making it easier to perform your regular Catholic routines while on the internet.