Goodnews, our development team, after working for weeks have finalise the implementation of some very unique modules and the fixing of reported issues. Experience the new supercharged WOWCATHOLIC

1) Now you can send messages to pages.

2) You now have the ability to accept or decline a group chat invitation.

3) We have built the Largest Catholic Recruiting Portal. Job system, Catholics can now create jobs and hire. We hope to help Catholics find the right jobs and give Employers an opportunity to find the best talents in character and skills within the Catholic Community. Lets empower our own.

4) We have added a Weather module

5) Our vision is to connect the 1.2 billion Catholics across the world, thus we seek to enhance connections. We have added common things module, now you can find Catholics who share/matches the information on your profile.

6) Introducing #WidowsCoin (Crowd Funding) One person cannot help everyone, but everybody can help one person. imagine if donating 100 Naira can help Put food on the table of a Catholic in extreme poverty, or help someone pay medical bill etc. Now we Catholics here can can create fundraising causes and get paid.

7) The at the Backend we Added new APIs, Fixed 20+ reported bugs/errors and finally improved the speed of wowcatholic making it lighter to consume less data.
Enjoy the New wowcatholic, don't forget to invite your friends

Chief Information Technology Officer