The Dorothy Porter Story

She had only just begun to live, and suddenly her world was falling apart. The Dorothy Porter Story. The life and death of a Superstar.

Dorothy Lee Porter was born in Decatur IL. on Feb.15, 1962. She was born with special needs. She made tremendous grades in school and became friends with all her classmates as well as her teachers. Dorothy never knew a stranger. She had severe problems at home that began with her Mother. So she opted to move to her own Apartment. She later met a man, and the two decided to purchase a house. They were both happy with each other for years. In 1998 they were talking about getting married, but that came to a halt. Her boyfriend died of a brain Anyerism at the age of 38. Dorothy was very uncomfortable for years. Until I came to the Transfer Center and went up to the soda machine. As I started walking out the door to catch the bus, I took one look at her and we immediately fell in love. Dorothy and I started dating, for one year, and we finally got married on Memorial day in 2005. We were both childless, but that didn't stop us from doing anything together. In 2006, the day after Thanksgiving, Dorothy informed me that she wasn't really feeling good. I then took her to the hospital, only to find out that she had Colon cancer. She stayed in the hospital for a month till she got back on her feet again. years later in 2008, Dorothy went to get a check up and found out that that there was cancer in the liver. In 2012, everything was really going good, then we had a phone call. It was the Choir Director from Church. He wanted to try Dorothy out in a new Choir "Heart and Soul". Dorothy thought it would not go real good, because of her speech Impediment. So I went to the Choir Director to see what I could work on the piano to arrange something Dorothy would try out. I found out that her favorite song on the radio was "Jesus Loves Me. " Immediately I went to our house, and told Dorothy to try out the new arrangement that I worked on the piano for the song. She started to sing the melody and her voice was pure magic. I went back to the Choir to have the Choir listen to her. Immediately the Choir Director signed Dorothy up for the Choir. Every concert they performed in, we made sure Dorothy would sing hers first. Her solo performance became her signature song for any and all concerts. Then in 2014, someone broke in the house next door from ours and took copper pipes out of the hot water heater. When they left they didn't realize they still had the gas turned on. Around 2 pm, the house next door exploded tearing up ours as well. Dorothy and I became homeless for six months until the Church furnished us a house. Then in 2016, while I was at the church, Dorothy contacted me. "Andrew, I went to the hospital to see the Doctor and I found out that my cancer spread to my lungs. You know, I'll be going home soon." As soon as Dorothy said that, I immediatly knew she was ready to meet the Lord face to face. I went to school on July 8th. Upon arriving home, my brother told me to contact Dorothy's mother. I contacted her and she stated that Dorothy went home to be with the Lord at the age of 54. On July 12, her family I buried her on my 51st Birthday. Dorothy was a Star on Earth, and will truly remain a Star in Heaven. 

Andrew Wilson

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