What Heavy Makeup Does To Your Skin

This is an overview of the effects of having so much makeup on. Its important to wear makeup but more important to do it in moderation


          What Heavy Makeup Does  To Your Skin


     Our definitions of too much makeup will be different. But there are implications that can come from caking on the blush and foundation. The more makeup you wear {for those who use so much products on their face}, the more you’re exposed to reactions. Like clogged pores, cause the pores on your face wont be able to  breathe and this could lead to skin irritation.

    How neat is your makeup bag? If makeup tools are not properly cleaned, they can grow bacteria especially for eye makeup tools and the eye is an entrance to the body.

You could also be at risk of side effects {for those always changing products}, not all makeup brands suits all skin types.

So ladies try to avoid using too much products on your face at a go, even in the bid to look  beautiful you can glow well on light makeup to help your pores breathe. Be hygienic with your makeup tools as well and also ensure to go for products that are favorable to your skin.



We preach moderation! our watch word