Makeup journal by confisignature

This week we will talk about how makeup is a positive influence on your work


      Studies Have Shown That Women Who Have A       Maintained Skin And Makeup Properly Can Get Higher Salary


      Indeed women who have a maintained skin and makeup properly are given more attention at their places of work.

Research has shown that women who wear makeup and look attractive earn roughly 20% more than the people of average attractiveness or no attractiveness at all.

You remember the phrase “Fake it till you make it”? makeup helps you sell that. You not necessarily faking it, makeup just helps you enhances your beauty and give you all the confidence you need to take control of your job and business.

     Everybody wants to work with a lady who has some level of confidence not just by what she knows but how she looks. So when you walk into a business meeting with a glowing skin and a perfect makeup, everyone is willing to give you a listening ear and also work with you because they believe you can represent t them anywhere and anytime.

So ladies anytime you go out, wear a nice makeup, do you and get that paycheck with confidence.


Moderation is key! Our watch word