Leather Harness: what are they for and with what to wear leg Leather Harness, stylish images

Leather Harness: what are they for and with what to wear leg Leather Harness, stylish images


Jewelry is an important addition to a stylish image. They are worn to give the appearance of individuality and brightness, to distinguish themselves from others, to make their appearance more refined and attractive, and to add to their page. In this article, we will talk about women's leg portapotties and describe what they are needed for.


The product is a single system of straps worn on the hips, ankles, and shins. These unusual bracelets adorn the legs of stylish representatives of the fair sex. The spicy addition to the image is made of leather, textile, yarn, latex, and other materials. Thanks to a special design, the accessory can visually elongate and slim lady's legs, make them sexy, emphasize the beauty and hide flaws. Modern fashion is very extravagant and diverse, which is why the portuère on the hips can be found not only on the pages of fashionable glossy magazines but also in everyday life, and the best choice harness for women can be found only on the best platforms.

History of appearance

The saying that everything new is well forgotten old has a place here. Leather Harnesses are not an ultra-modern novelty and a development of the last decades. They date back to the distant 19th century when they played a practical rather than a decorative role. In those days, overstretched cotton socks that slid down were at the height of popularity. To solve this problem, designers have developed a special system of fixing straps, which set the sock-hosiery products on the shin. The straps were made of a special rubberized fabric.

At the beginning of the last century, on the shelves, there were the first elongated socks with already built supportive addition. This innovation first interested the U.S., then fashion spread across the planet. At that time, Leather Harnesses and garters were worn only by intense sex because women's socks were made shortened, and their tops barely reached the ankles, so they did not need additional support.

After a while on the market appeared models of "fixers" for ladies - they were attached to the hip part of the body. The fashion industry does not stand; still; it is constantly evolving. Thanks to talented fashion designers, this belt was transformed into a stylish and incredibly fashionable attribute of the modern image.

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