Blessing for the New Week

Thank you Jesus for the gift of today. It has pleased you to give it to me and my friends. May your name be praised both now and forever. Amen.

May your grace accompany us as we go out, work and do our businesses. Be with us always and help us to overcome every challenge we may face.

Give us a generous heart that will always think of the good of others and work to help them grow in their faith commitment to you.

Protect us from every evil and may your presence around us ward off every attack of the evil one.

May our efforts today not be a waste, but through your grace may we be fruitful and may we have testimonies to share at the end of the day.

My dear friend, cheer up go out with confidence, put in your best, share love and kindness and may God help you to succeed,  with God by my side I will succeed! Amen.

Do have a fantastic day and week ahead. God is in charge, no need to be afraid for he will take care of you.

Bless my new week Lord and let all I do praise your holy name! Amen.