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STC30 Is a plant stem cell when taken by a patient through sublingual means( placing of stem cell power under the tongue) it goes straight into the blood stream. It will infuse and cause the person's stem cell through the central nervous system to multiply and become any of the damaged cells. It can manage and treat over 200 diseases such as Stroke,Heart attack, Diabetes,Cancer,Down syndrome,Arthritis,Spinal cord Injury,Paralysis,Brain trauma,Deafness,Blindness,Glaucoma,bone marrow transplant,kidney stones and failure,prostrate enlargement, liver diseases, impairment, learning defects,skin repairs,stomach ulcer,Hypertension, Sickle cell,Anti aging, Dental problem,Headache,improve blood flow,Impotency,Infertility, Stress,joint and Eye health,Muscle pull etc.

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