My Lover's death Vs Christ Death

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Kizito Ozoemena

10 months ago

Posted: 7 months ago
My lover Died to save me because of love, why then should the death of Jesus on the Cross be more special?

I have been thought that there is no greater love a man can have than to die for his fellow man. Christ is the new covenant because he offered up his body on the cross and poured out his blood so we might be forgiven of our sins. Please it is not my intent to blaspheme but an honest quest for knowledge and answers, and my question is thus? What is special in Christ death, that differentiates it from this other kind of death?
1. I heard of a King in Nigeria who sacrificed his virgin daughter just to win a war. He was not happy his people were been killed and so he sacrificed his daughter who payed the ultimate sacrifice of death just so his people will live. Is this not love?
2. I have heard of Lovers who collect bullets or died in place of their partners just because of love
3. I have heard of self-immolation where somebody set himself/herself on fire for the possibility of a better life for his/her people
a. Note in all the above cases they paid the ultimate sacrifice of death because of love, either for one person or just a small group of persons. Christ died to save the whole world even children unborn. If someone can die just for one person or a group of people to be saved wouldn’t the person die over and over for the whole world to be saved?
b. Christ knew he would rise after 3 days and is sure of seeing his loved ones again. These other persons know they would never rise again and are not even sure of seeing their loved ones again even in the afterlife.
c. Christ knows he is going to a better place, he has seen it before he knows it is unimaginable compared to this Earth, these other persons are not sure if they are going to a worse place, yet out of love they sacrificed not only their present life but also the possibility of eternal joy and happiness. which therefore amongst this is greater?
So I ask please what makes Christ death so special?
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Rev. Fr. Francis Ezeh, OfmCap Joined: 9 months ago

Posted: 7 months ago
Christ’s love is not just special but sufficiently special!
Other lovers love those who love them in return but Christ’s love embraces both those who love Him and those who do not love him. “for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous”(Matt.5:45)
Instances of Jesus’ special love are replete in the scripture. St. Paul buttresses this point in his letter to the Romans 5:8 by saying: “But God proves His love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Inadera Joined: 9 months ago

Posted: 6 months ago
The death of Christ was destined to be he came into the world for this very purpose 'to die for us'. His death was already announced by great prophets even before the conception of his very own mother. Now why can't such a death be special and be celebrated by all who believed in his coming.

Ugochi Ogbobe Joined: 9 months ago

Posted: 6 months ago
I read this a couple of days ago and I honestly didn't know how to respond because it got me thinking. But after series of thought, I have decided to put this down. Jesus' death is/was special for the following reasons:
1. Jesus who is God, the alpha and Omega, the Almighty irrespective of his Status took the FORM OF MAN and suffered death through humiliation, disgrace and pain. Notice that I highlighted 'form of man' to remind you that he felt all that pain in mind and body, his Godly powers didn't absorb or shield Him, He bore it all. The mere kings, (mere in comparison to Christ) and all what not that you mentioned, died great men, victorious! With little or no humiliation or disgrace. Let's not even begin to compare the pains. Lovers who have taken bullets really jumped in front of their loved ones as reflex action, not like they were pre informed and they made up their minds to do it. Given the time to think and allowed to choose, they most probably won't do it.

2. While others have died as martyrs, Christ died as a SAVIOUR. On the cross, He took upon himself our sins and judgement.

Rev. Fr. Sylvanus Ameh Joined: 9 months ago

Posted: 6 months ago
Now, there's a basic difference between the death of Jesus and all the other examples given by this writer. True that they all died for the sake of their loved ones, but all of their deaths was to save the ones for whom they died from PHYSICAL death. Jesus however, died to save us from SPIRITUAL CUM ETERNAL DEATH. Therein lies the world of difference between the two.