Did Mary had other children?

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Moses Ohwo

2 months ago

Posted: 2 months ago
Good afternoon Padre. Did Mary delivered other children apart from Jesus? I know the answer is no and Our Mother remained a virgin even after the birth of Jesus. Please shed lights on this with biblical proof if any. Because this Jehovah witness people are causing polluting people's mind. Thank you
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Amb. Onyekwere Godwin Nwachukwuneke Joined: 1 year ago

Posted: 11 days ago
Catholic and Orthodox Christians (and some Protestants) teach that Mary remained a virgin all her life and gave birth only to Jesus. This view was almost universally accepted by the Church from approximately the 3rd to the 17th centuries AD and follows four basic lines of thought:

Ezekiel 44:1-3 is a prophecy about the virgin birth of Christ. According to this interpretation, Mary is the gate through which Jesus and only Jesus entered the world.
If Mary had other biological children, Jesus would not have entrusted her into the care of John as he was being crucified.
The Greek words translated “brothers” and “sisters” have a wider range of meaning than the English and can mean “cousin” or “near relative.”
For both Catholic and Orthodox Christians, the Church’s long-standing tradition regarding Mary’s perpetual virginity validates this belief.