Liturgy and Sacraments
The Eucharist, baptism, confession, abuses, Vatican rules.
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Social Justice
The Church’s social doctrines: Pro-life, human rights, the common good.
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Non-Catholic Religions
Comparing and contrasting beliefs.
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Catholic Living
On being Catholic in today’s world.
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Traditional Catholicism
Discussion of Catholic traditions and customs.
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Other Casual Discussion
Use this category for topics that don’t fit criteria for any other forum topic.
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Catholic News
Discuss items of current interest from around the world.
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wowcatholic Feedback
Discussion about this social media platform, how it works, and how we can improve it.
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Catholic Living
Our daily walk with Christ, Prayers, Saints, Sacramentals. Join other Catholics in prayers, devotions and share your experiences.
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Spreading the faith through catechesis, RCIA, and missionary efforts
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Priesthood, religious life, marriage, discernment, prayers, and more
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Catholic Media
About a Catholic Film, TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, books, music, Internet
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Family Life
Marriage, children, education, relatives, in-laws, advice
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Prayer Intentions
This Prayer Intentions category is for prayer intentions and prayers offered, only. The Prayer Intentions forum is not intended to be used as a place for debate, discussion, or advice.
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Pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing
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Master Theology
Sin, temptation, life/death issues & ethical dilemmas
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Discussion of philosophy, with an emphasis on Catholic contributions
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Sacred Scripture
Bible versions, interpreting passages, study tools, commentaries.
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